A Table of Contents for the 14 teaching tips to help enrich the classroom experience. Use these tips as guides for student/teacher pain points and developing a productive classroom.

TOC Quick Teaching Tips You Can Use This Semester


A low-stake learning activity that helps establish a sense of community at the start of the course and sets a steady foundation.

Teaching Tip 1-Getting to Know Your Students

How Much Reading Assignment

A tip to discuss the question of how much reading to assign,  gaging feasibility for students, and understanding the core purpose for the reading.

Teaching Tip 2 - How Much Assigned Reading is Too Much or Too Little

How Much Reading Assignment

Addressing the issue of getting students to do assigned readings and help for courses that involve discussions or analysis of readings.

Teaching Tip 3- Getting Students to do Assigned Readings

Assessment Techniques

Build on the premise that assessments are levers that can be used to increase student learning. These tools are set to aid in the students learning and reduce anxiety.

Teaching Tip 4- Assessments Techniques That Facilitate Learning and Reduce Cheating

Assigning Students to Groups

Strategize assigning students to groups with consideration of project parameters and various student-types.

Teaching Tip 5- Assigning Student to Groups

Scafolding Student Group Work and Peer Review PDF

Addressing the need to scaffold student group projects and provides an approach that helps students structure project workflow & reduce group freeloaders.

Teaching Tip 6- Scaffolding Student Group Work

Bonus: Group Peer Review Form

In Class Learner-Centered-Teaching: Think-Share-Pair

Create an engaging environment with a simple in-class learner centered formative assessment activity.

Teaching Tip 7- Quick In Class Learner-Centered-Teaching- Think-Share-Pair

In Class: Learner-Centered Teaching, Small Group Work List Making

How the learner-centered teaching style can be applied in small group work. The goal is to engage students and assesses prior/existing knowledge that is suitable for both large and small classes.

Teaching Tip 8- In Class- Learner-Centered Teaching, Small Group Work

Getting Student Feedback Easily

Utilizing technology to get quick formative feedback and facilitates peer learning. This assists in improving teaching in real-time to benefit the students learning style and abilities.

Teaching Tip 9- Getting Student Feedback Easily

Promoting Students’ Learning

What should be teaching’s primary purpose? Reviewing an article that asks students to describe what promotes good learning and how it can be applied in individual classrooms.

Teaching Tip 10- Promoting Students’ Learning

Using Questions for Teaching and Learning

Structuring the way we ask questions to the students to gage where they are in understanding the material.

Teaching Tip 11- Using Questions for Teaching and Learning

Developing Good Multiple Choice (MCQs) Questions

Tips for writing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and their use in informative and summative assessments.

Teaching Tip 12- Developing Good Multiple Choice (MCQs) Tests

Student Course Ratings

Using student course/teacher evaluation (SETs) as a form of formative evaluation feedback and to collect information on the course and the instructor to identify strengths, weaknesses, and ways to improve.

Teaching Tip 13- Student Ratings Feedback

Ending Well – Starting New

Reflecting on the semester as it comes to a close and being prepared to start the next season strong.

Teaching Tip 14- Ending Well – Starting New


Did You Want More Tips?

Education is an investment for you, as a leader, and your students. Get more insight and tips on how to create the best learning environment for you as an instructor and your students. Find ways to meet and exceed student expectations in the learning sphere.

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