Recent Educational Work

Conference and Invited Presentations (Education) 2016-2017

  • University of Maryland College Park, Dec. 2017, “Presentations and Lectures: Key Components – Common Mistakes”,
  • National University of Singapore, Singapore, two-days of workshops, Nov. 2017 “Assessment: Theory- Practice-Reality” and “21st Century STEM Education”
  • Jiangsu Assoc. for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Annual Conference, Yanghou China Keynote Oct. 2017 “Developing 21st Century Education: The Role of Teaching and Learning Centers”
  • Nanjing University, Nanjing China, Oct. 2017, Two-week invitation for individual consultation and workshops. “Effective Teaching: Thoughts and Strategies”, “Outcomes-based teaching and learning [OBTL]” and “Centers for Teaching and Learning”
  • Ocean University of China, Qingdao, China, July 2017, “Assessment: Theory-Practice-Reality”
  • General Education Institute Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, SAR, June 2017, Two interactive workshops, “Designing and Implementing 21st Century General Education”, “GE 2.9 General Education in 2020”.
  • E-learning Forum Asia, Conference Poly, Hong Kong, June 2017, “Getting Faculty to Embrace e-Learning”
  • Lilly International Teaching Conference, June 2017 Bethesda MD, “Design Thinking in Education: New Paradigm or New Fad”
  • International Mobile Learning Festival, University of Hong Kong June 2017, workshop plus presentation “Design Thinking” workshop, “Moving Beyond LMS; Getting Recalcitrant Faculty to Engage M-Learning”
  • Central Philippines University, Mar. 2017 Two Workshops i.) “Why OBE Makes Sense: Meeting the Needs of Today and Tomorrow's Students”, ii.) “Teach Less –Learn More”
  • Chinese Association for Suzhi Education, Nanjing, China, Mar. 2017 “Making GE-Suzhi Courses Relevant for Students - for Life”,
  • Hong Kong International School, Hong Kong American Center mini-symposium Feb. 2017 “Design Thinking Context and Thoughts”
  • Hong Kong University Conference Nov. 2016, “Documenting Student Competencies Using an E-Portfolio”
  • Chinese Higher Education Development Network (CHED), Heifei PRC, Nov. 2016 “Faculty Learning Communities; Changing the Teaching Culture One Groups at a Time”
  • Fulbright Retreat, Hong Kong American Centre-US Consulate Hong Kong, Hong Kong, SAR, Oct. 2016, “Reducing Academic Dishonesty”,
  • International Mobile Learning Festival, Bangkok Thailand, June 2016, “Do Mobile Devices Have a Central Role in E-Learning”
  • University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines, and Assoc. Systematic Biologist of the Philippines, May 2016 Faculty-Student Workshop “Sticky Teaching Sticky Learning”
  • Beijing Institute Technology-Zhuhai Mar. 2016 Zhuhai, PRC, “How General Education Contributes to Success in the 21st Century”,