21st Century Teaching is difficult and serious business

Today's educational environment is different and rapidly evoloving, our students have grown up in a world that is highly connected, technologically enabled and changing at a pace never seen before.  Infomation is available 24-7 on personal devices e.g. computers, tablets and smartphones by a simple search.  Everywhere teachers and institution are increasingly held accountable and asked to justify costs and fees.  In addition, the educational landscape includes new expectations with respect to faculty development, Centers for Teaching and Learning, web-based courses, MOOCs, OBLT, as well as increased expectations from students, parents, accreditation bodies and society.  Educational Innovations International Consulting [Eii-Consulting, LLC] specializes in customized assistance focused on Faculty Development, Assessment, Accreditation, OBTL/OBT, Learner-Centered Education, Technologies for Learning, Design Teaching (DT) approaches and Technology-enabled Teaching and Learning.


Contact me to discuss your needs and how I might help

The best way to contact me is at sbenson@eii-consulting.com.  We can also connect through WeChat and Whatsapp.  If you contact me I will send the appropriate WeChat and Whatsapp information.